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Why is Cost the Most Important Aspect While Choosing a Temporary Staffing Agency?

In India, around 110 million people are employed by the temporary and unorganised sector. Temp staffing has become a leading industry practice and is slated to keep growing. According to the Indian Staffing Federation, temporary staffing is rising at a rate of 40%, with both the private and the government sector employing temp staff.

Companies typically hire temporary staff to handle the excess workload especially during peak seasons. Temps are also hired when there are positions that are vacant for the time being. This is to ensure that undue stress isn’t put on the existing employees. Many times, if a temp performs well they’re hired by the company.

Temporary staffing has been around for many years. These services are mostly sought after in industrial organisations, administrative positions, engineering, IT and health care. It’s not a new industry and has been around since 1946 when the first temp staffing agency was opened by William Russell Kelly in the US.

As an established industry, organisations hiring such staffing agencies have a fair idea about what to look for while selecting a staffing agency. It includes factors such as

  • Staff screening methods: Companies should choose an agency that screens their staff through a metaphorical sieve. This will ensure that you get only the best quality of candidate for your vacancy. Some firms use psychological screening, aptitude tests, and personal interviews. Clearly communicating the skill sets and qualities you require will help the staffing agency fine-tune their screening.
  • Costs: Staffing firms usually have a fixed percentage for different jobs. They have different rates for basic jobs, work that requires higher skill levels and technical or professional profiles. Many firms offer discounts and are open to negotiating rates upfront. You should take the time to enter these discussions in order to reduce your overall cost.
  • Customer service and feedback facilities: Companies should select a staffing agency that is easy to communicate with and facilitates feedback on the performance of their temps. This will ensure dependability and a consistently good long-term relationship.

Out of all of these, the most important factor is cost. Why?

Since the temping industry is a seasoned industry, the market is mature. Most, if not all, of the above parameters, are really industry norms. Since most companies have the processes and people in place in order to facilitate effective and efficient staffing, the most important factor becomes which agency will help you make a higher profit in the long run.

The main USP of hiring a staffing agency is that it’s less expensive than hiring a full-time employee, so it makes perfect sense to seek one with a competitive price structure.

Cost doesn’t only refer to payments for the employee’s services. It also means paying for processes that help you track and analyse efforts, hiring someone to handle the legalities and instructors to create training modules.

At Core Integra a leading temporary staffing agency, we utilise technology to offer some of the best and most cost-effective staffing solutions.

  • Training Costs: We offer skilled talent that will perfectly match your requirement. This will save you money on training recruits who may be less experienced. We regularly conduct skill development, orientation, and behavioural skills training. This improves their trading and interpersonal skills, too.
  • Succession Planning Costs: Our succession planning strategy identifies necessary competencies, then we work to assess, develop, and retain a talented pool of employees with those competencies. This ensures that your staff does not learn skills from one place only to defect to another company.
  • Operational Costs: We offer very competitive operational, labour, and management costs.
  • Hiring Costs: We specialise in addressing your seasonal, cyclical, or project- based dynamic staffing requirements. It ensures that you won’t be running losses due to lack of staff caused by illness or planning errors.
  • Compliance Costs: We are compliant with minimum wage, PF, ESIC and workmen’s compensations, gratuity, and other applicable enactments that aim to protect the interest of workers. You won’t have to hire someone to do this paperwork as we have done it for you.
  • Geographical Operation Costs: We are present in the four major regional hubs and over 250 delivery centres. We cater to the most remote locations of the country. If there’s a requirement for an employee to start or manage processes in a remote location, it would be difficult for an organisation to reach out to them. We can save you the time, money and effort. Additionally, hiring talent from non- metro areas may help you save money on employee costs, as such candidates usually charge less for their services.
  • Attendance Management Costs: We offer Outwork Lite a user-friendly attendance app (available on both Android and an iOS). This is designed to manage and record attendance, client visits, and expenses of the onsite and offsite employees. Using this technology ensures more accountability in the way your resources are being spent. It will reduce the overall costs to the company and get you a higher ROI.

What clearly makes Core Integra stand out from other agencies is our use of technology to bring down costs in their temporary staffing services. By using these applications, you’ll be able to get in touch with staff from remote corners of the country, keep a track on all of them, and feel secure in the knowledge that they are compliant with all the required documents.

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