Core Integra Consulting Services Pvt Ltd

Manpower Solutions

Delivering Manpower with the right ability, expertise and experience.

The success of every Organization depends on its Human Talent. There are many factors which influence the manpower strategy of an organization which includes access to talent pool, training of the human resources, deployment across regions, ability to scale on need basis and administrative costs for management of the resources. One of the key decisions is whether to have the talent pool on the rolls of the Company or seek support from Manpower Solutions Providers.

Core Integra helps organizations to evaluate and decide on the quantum and skills which it should have on its rolls and on Partner rolls.

Core Integra is a boutique manpower solutions provider across 30 industries in the areas of Managed Services, Contractual Staffing, Project based & Temporary Staffing and Skill based Staffing for skills ranging from Operations, Sales, Front Office management, Site Management and Technology.

We manage the entire lifecycle which ensures Client Managers focus on business requirements leaving the Employee management to us. Scope of Services includes:

Talent Acquisition

Contractual staffing

Project based staffing

Skill based staffing