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Our subject matter expertise, industry coverage and number of year experience helps provide customized compliance solutions to match the Customer’s requirement.

Labour Law Compliance Services

Every organization has to navigate through the labyrinth of complex compliances to ensure they are on the right side of law and have the right practices for the benefit of all stakeholders. The process becomes even more complicated since there are Central and State Laws of which not all may be applicable to every Organization. There may not be a single point of contact for knowledge checks, execution is wide spread and it is difficult to know real time compliance status. There is always a desire to have that one Compliance Partner who covers the entire scope, is available across regions and is cost effective. Core Integra takes pride in being such a Partner to all our Clients.

Our integrated e-repository gives you access to real-time, updated comprehensive documents, notifications, circulars related to various Central and State Laws and Acts.

Core Integra with its expertise in Labour Law Compliances across 30 industries and capability to service 2000+ locations pan India offers a wide range of Compliance execution services to its multiple Clients ranging from Large Enterprises to Start-ups.

CtrlF, the multiple award winning platform by Core Integra is the largest and most comprehensive software for labour law compliances in India and the first software in this space, to be offered in SaaS model with ability to integrate seamlessly with Client and Third Party software.

Our comprehensive range of Compliance execution services include:

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Bi-Lingual Formats

Factory Compliances

Payroll Compliances

Contractor Compliances

Establishment Compliances

Contractor Audit

Licenses and Registrations