Core Integra Consulting Services Pvt Ltd


“If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance.”

Auditor or internal revenue service staff


Non-compliance is a crime that will take a big toll on organizations. An organization needs to get its compliances done on time so that its business runs smoothly with zero complications and employees work in a safe environment. But as organizations strive to create and sustain value in the market, they come face-to-face with an ever-increasing set of uncertainties across labour compliance. Maintaining compliances can be difficult, dealing with authorities is not easy and staying updated with new central as well as state-wise compliance laws can be tedious.

To overcome such challenges, our Compliance Expert provides consultation about ongoing Compliance initiatives and topics of interest to your organization.

 We can assist you in analysis of your current program or help you plan to meet new regulations. Our expertise from years provides us with the skills and knowledge to review and advise on all your Compliance challenges. Coreintegra’s Ctrl F software is India’s largest Compliance Solution Platform for Labour Law Act, Rules, Minimum Wages, Govt Communication, etc.

Moreover, we conduct a full review of your existing Compliance program in a consultative manner to ensure that you stay compliant and that you understand what your peers are doing to meet their Compliance challenges. Our work throughout the industry allows us to maintain confidentiality while providing general insight into how other institutions are approaching the challenges of the day.

Ensuring compliance is complicated. But with a strong and knowledgeable Compliance partner, like Coreintegra, things can be easier.