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Which Type of Companies Should Hire Temp Staff?

There are over a million temporary and contract employees working in India. By 2025, it is predicted that 10% of the overall workforce will be working as contract workers through various staffing agencies. The number of people opting for this model of employment has been increasing in recent years. At the same time, many companies are eager to take advantage of this huge number of talented workers. They appreciate the benefits of hiring temp staff, such as flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and access to new skills. Both large and small companies reach out to temporary staffing agencies to help them manage heavy work responsibilities.

But certain types of organisations benefit over others when it comes to hiring temp staff. This is due to the makeup of their organisation, the kind of work they do, and the high volume of workload they get regularly. For such types of companies, temp staffing has emerged as a reliable and cost-effective way to meet their hiring requirements.

Some types of companies that fit this bill are as follows.

Legal Firms

Legal firms have several roles to fill, including paralegals, legal assistants, and more. Legal firms usually hire people to order transcripts, take dictation, write letters and other correspondence, and act in administrative roles around the office. Paralegals are hired to appear in court, search for documents, and more. Those who are interested in law will find many highly rewarding temporary jobs at a legal firm. Conversely, legal firms should utilise temp staff facilities to reach out to dedicated employees who can be held accountable for their work through the staffing agency.


Recent times have shown us how inconvenient it can be for everyone if medical facilities fall short of staff. This is why temp staff can play a crucial role in healthcare. The work here includes being occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and more. They also include technical roles such as laboratory technicians and technologists, nurses, and other roles. In situations where there is a high influx of patients, temp staff provides a much- needed safety net to ensure that all patients receive adequate care. This is why healthcare organisations can greatly benefit from the extra manpower a temp staffing company can provide.


Companies who look after the elderly and those in old age homes experienced a massive uptick in staffing requirements last year. They needed caregivers who could look after the elderly folks in isolation. Care facilities usually train interested individuals before deploying them anywhere. If they were to hire the services of a temp staff agency, they would have access to a wealth of potential employees who would be screened before-hand. It allows companies to deploy temp staffers with the confidence as the background checks of these employees are already done by the staffing agencies.

Shipping Companies and Warehouses

There are certain staffing numbers that shipping companies and warehouses need to maintain to ensure optimal performance. When permanent employees go on leave, or when the company experiences unexpected growth, these entities should opt for temporary staff. They are needed to complete projects and fill orders. Some of the roles expected here include production worker, shipper/receiver, manufacturing worker, general labourer, and forklift operator. The job description would include assembling products, filling orders, packing, repairing machines, and loading and unloading goods. Other tasks would be processing orders, checking the warehouse inventory, operating machines, and other casual tasks around the premises.

Information Technology

IT jobs used to rank as some of the hardest jobs to fill, but not anymore. Many qualified IT professionals are looking for work. Many of these people are interested in temporary profiles, to test out a company before committing to working for them full time. They want to evaluate the office culture, potential for IP, and other factors. Due to this, temporary staffing is playing a big role in helping companies find technically-skilled contract employees for their projects. This includes software developers, network engineers, and more.

Customer Service

Most, if not all, companies have specific customer service. This is recognised as an extremely important part of any company. Some outsource their work to business process companies, and others hire in-house representatives. Customer service organisations always need enough employees to effectively engage with each customer who calls them for help. They require staff who have strong interpersonal skills, are highly adaptable and flexible, and learn quickly. The temporary staffing agency gives them this calibre of employees who can help them meet their customers expectations gracefully.


There are many general roles that offices need to fill, such as short-term admin assistants, executives, clerical staff, and more. These roles are essential for any office to function efficiently, in their natural environments. Offices generally contact recruitment firms for roles such as data entry, filing, and other admin work. Temp staffing aids them in getting help on short notice, which is useful for situations where employees fall ill, take leave, or have to be sent to a different location for work.

Skilled Trades

There are professions such as being a welder, an electrician, CNC operators, and other skilled trades that require employees to complete short-term projects. Hiring temporary staff gives them access to employees who are skilled in these trades and who know what the work entails. They can be hired by the companies at a later date if the partnership works well. The benefit of hiring temporary staff is that companies get to work with the individual first and understand whether they fit into the company culture or not.

There you have it the industries that would benefit the most out of temporary staffing. While temporary staffing comes with its drawbacks too such as an increased need for employee sensitivity and strong HR practices it comes with far more advantages. Its convenient, dependable, gives you access to many useful and in-demand skills, and creates a framework that encourages accountability. Its a popular form of staffing that is only going to get more popular over the years.

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