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Technologies to Help You Better Manage Your Temp Staff

Did you know that Google has more temp staff than actual employees?

Like the tech giant, many companies do so today. This style of staffing has many benefits, such as time savings, reduced hiring risks, and cost-saving. But managing temporary staff poses challenges, too. These include balancing cost with experience, finding the right culture fit, and achieving the right combination of flexibility and accountability.

How can you reduce your HR workload without spending an exorbitant amount? If you’re reading this blog on a laptop or your phone – the answer is literally in front of you. It’s technology.

Many technologies in the market will help you streamline your temp hiring and management processes. Most of these have a small learning curve and minimal price structures. Let’s dive into some of the most helpful for your needs.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

HRMS contain specialised software that helps in day-to-day HR tasks, personnel, and payment needs. These reduce your paperwork, streamline document management, and keep all your information in one secure place.

HRMS creates a standardised system for collecting and storing staff info, such as employment history, licenses, skills, performance, compensation information, etc. It creates structured processes for administrative tasks.

HRMS also helps organisations monitor KPIs such as the talent’s work duration, retention, absenteeism, and efficiency. These systems carefully manage vast sets of data such as time and attendance management, training management, and payroll info.

This technology aids in hiring and onboarding processes, too. This includes coordinating the process, illustrating staff roles, monitoring recruits, and connecting everyone. Cool, right?

Possibly the best feature of an HRMS is that it serves as a database. It’s time-consuming and tough to manually respond to each individual’s query related to their work duration, leaves, stipend, etc. By using an HRMS, organisations create a store of information where the temp staff can log into any time they want to and get all the details.

HRMS are cost-effective, private, secure, and eliminate human error.

Attendance Apps

Tracking attendance for temporary staff can be a monumental task. This is especially true if you have a large number of temp employees. You all have to be vigilant of each individual’s duration in the company, and their attendance- this is especially true because many times, the compensation is linked to the attendance.

Luckily, there are apps to help in tracking and managing all this data easily and efficiently. Using these apps, temp staff can log in on their mobiles using their email IDs and phone numbers. When they leave, they simply need to clock out. This is convenient for them, too.

The best part is that attendance apps solve one of the biggest challenges of traditional ‘clocking-out’ machines forgetfulness! As it’s right on the phone, the app more or less is hard to miss.

These apps are also highly efficient and leave little room for error. If you’re managing employees in shifts, this is very helpful.

Another benefit of a mobile phone attendance app or cloud-based app is that they centralise the planning procedure. You won’t have to pass around the paperwork to different departments to create or approve of the company work calendar or shift timings. You can do everything in the app itself. People have access to this info in real- time from their phones.

Expense Management Apps

Yet another glaring challenge in hiring temp staff is managing the payroll. As many new faces walk in and out, it can be a daunting task to keep a record of each individual’s compensations, bonuses, overtime, reimbursements, etc.

How can you manage this precious financial data efficiently and securely? Using an expense management app, of course. These apps allow employees to submit their invoices and expenses. This includes submitting photos, reports, scans, etc. directly from their tablets or smartphones.

They also allow you to specify the expenses the company will be reimbursing. Some applications allow you to set a limit on travel expenses. You can set limits on hotel rates, meals, taxis, rideshares, etc.

It doesn’t matter where your staff is physically located. They just need their phones with them. The entire process is just faster, simpler, and more efficient than traditional methods.

Tech is the Heart of Operations

In this digital age of remote working and global teams, technology is at the heart of enterprise operations.

Temporary staffing agencies need to enable this by creating a technologically modern infrastructure to facilitate interactions. By implementing such technological solutions, staffing agencies can –

  • Save time and effort (and, thereby, cost)
  • Simplify processes by eliminating the need for physical paperwork
  • Create a stellar experience for the staff as well as the client organisations
  • Speed up the reimbursement process leading to staff satisfaction
  • Increase the security of their personal information
  • Reduce space for errors and delays by giving access to
  • Simplify reporting
  • Create more flexible processes
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration and communication between all stakeholders

Adopting modern technologies can help staffing agencies streamline their processes and create more accountability and data protection. These benefit the staffing agencies, their clients, as well as the staff that they hire for work.

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