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Manpower Solutions

Comprehensive manpower management solutions covering talent identification, retention, skilling, payroll and compliances with HR platform for self help

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition Leading The Paradigm Shift From Conventional To Non-conventional Hiring Mechanism.

Training Partners
Sourcing/Assessment Partners

Talent Acquisition

Coreintegra’s Hireln Can Help You Hire The Best Talent By Integrating With Social Media And Career Portal Platforms, Allowing Companies To Conduct Interviews Directly Through Social Media Channels. We Develop A Unique Approach In Partnering And Building A Long-term Relationship By Understanding The Clients’ Needs Better.

Would you like to improve your business?

If yes, this is the right time to hire a suitable candidate with the right amount of talent & skills.

Staff are presenting work on the tablet with executives.

Long-Term Staffing

Our Goal Is To Recruit Qualified, Skilled And Talented Staff That Fit Into Our Clients’ Long-term Staffing Needs. We Develop A Customized Strategy For Each Mandate That Meets The Objectives, As Well As Creating Processes Necessary To Ensure Best In ClassName Employee Experiece Throughout The Lifecycle.

Regular Appointment
Hiring Pools

Project-Based Staffing

We Provide Project-based Staffing Services To Address The Staffing Needs Of A Specific
Role Or Project. Our Flexible Approach Allows Us To Seamlessly Meet Your Workforce Needs And Support The Growth Of Your Business.

Auxiliary Staffing
Temporary Staffing
Substitution Staffing
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Business asian hand holding pencil and writing note on wood table,Checklist Notice Remember Planning

Succession Planning

Coreintegra’s Ability To Assess, Develop And Retain A Talent Pool Of Employees Is Designed To Ensure A Sustainable And Scalable Future. We Focus On The Development Of Necessary Competencies That Support Client’s Business Goals.