Core Integra Consulting Services Pvt Ltd

Core Integra - one of the famous Labor Law Compliance Services provider in India

The world of technology has opened a new era of business. Nowadays there is a huge opportunity to run a successful business, but the fact behind these possibilities is that you may have to be ready to face a number of complications while running your business. You must have to take care of hundreds of things while running your business. It will be not an exaggeration to say that managing this task sometimes seems impossible at times. That’s why the best thing that you can do is to contact the professional. When the question is to get the best service, Core Integra should be your first choice.

The word ‘success’ seems great, but the fact is that success will be unattainable to you without immense effort. We are the firm that is playing an active role to broaden the way of the success of a number of companies over decades. The companies that have joined hands with us are constantly running their business successfully. We provide our clients complete guidance so that they can get a solution to every problem. From appointing an employee to setting your business strategies, you will be able to find the answer to every question only to Core Integra.

The main reason for which our firm has established it to be a successful one is that we follow an organized way of providing service to our clients. That does why instead of having headquartered in Mumbai; we have got engaged in more than 500 companies in all over India. Our Labor Law Compliance System will be sure to meet your every requirement. The facilities that our services include :

  • Registering statutory and maintain them properly
  • Paying and filing of returns
  • Audit and Due maintenance
  • Special strategies for start-up companies
  • Factory compliances and others

Services for Registration & Licenses

Compliances under Factories Act, Shops and Establishment Act, Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Provident fund, Labor Welfare Fund, Professional Tax, Contract Labor Regulation Act (CLRA)

Hence, if you are aiming to start a new business or looking forward to running your business in an organized way, our firm deserves to be your ultimate destination.

The employees of a company take a big role to establish the base of the company, but the fact is that hiring efficient employees for your company is indeed a hectic job. Now, you will be able to find the task to be an easy one with us. From selecting the right candidates for your company to paying their salaries at the right time, our company can help you to accomplish every task accurately with its Compliance Payroll. Whether you are hiring the first candidate in your company or the fortieth, following compliance matters a lot. The service encompasses the hiring and firing, bonuses and benefits, leave dates, salary and other topics about every individual of your company from the day when the employee is joining your company.