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Temp Staffing

Core Integra takes the client’s business plans into account to ensure that goals can be met from a talent perspective. We evaluate staffing levels to determine if there is a staffing surplus or deficit. Our Strategic Temp Staffing involves a combination of project-based and long-term planning; accordingly we formulate strategies to deliver manpower with the right ability, expertise and experience needed to help the client move forward. Often, training is included in Temp Staffing plan to rectify any gaps in skills.

How our Temp staffing service aids Clients’ business:

  • Our scale lowers operational and labor costs for clients, including management cost as well
  • Allows our Clients to focus on core business, while we streamline non-core-activities
  • Allows Clients to optimize use of scarce resources on core business
  • Clients risks are mitigated as legal compliance, is handled by us
  • We serve dynamic manpower requirements whether seasonal, cyclical or project-based
  • We also support human capital restructuring to further management’s long-term goals
  • We take the point of service delivery or production closer to the Clients’ end user thereby enhancing the Clients’ reach and access to new market areas.
  • We undertake the complexities of sourcing, compliance, and attrition and uphold Clients’ corporate image internally as well as externally.


We offer various forms of Staffing solutions for our client:

Project-based Staffing

Core Integra’s project-based staffing focuses on the immediate needs and finds additional employees on a need-based model. This manpower plan is effective if the Client needs to fill an interim gap for a few months or is executing a project that requires resources for a year or such period of time. 


Auxiliary Appointment

We offer Auxiliary appointments for a temporary period of time. Auxiliary employment enables Clients to employ people in jobs that are not of an ongoing nature, such as coverage for employees on leave or seasonal work or short term projects. Auxiliary employment is not intended to cover ongoing work situations, but rather to serve seasonal needs.


Temporary Appointment

Core Integra’s temporary appointment is mostly preferred by clients for:

    • Filling a vacant position temporarily
    • Completing part of a project with a set end date
    • Covering seasonal or relief work
    • Cover a new position that has been created in response to changing business requirements
    • Provide an opportunity for staff to gain new skills and experience

We have a specialized team and network catering to clients’ across industries to deliver manpower for such needs of clients.



Our integrated substitute staffing management solution is comprehensive – that means we handle it all and the Client need not worry about the details. Substitution provides a means to ensure that short-term work opportunities are filled efficiently and effectively and designated employees are remunerated for performing additional duties at a higher level. We train and motivate employees to enhance Client’s productivity by continuous tracking of their performance.


Long-Term Staffing

Core Integra’s specialized long-term staffing services take a proactive approach to the client’s staffing needs. Most long-term staffing plans cover at least one year. When determining such staffing needs, we take into account Client’s past turnover, employees who may be retiring or taking a maternity or other leave, expected growth and poorly performing staff members. We frame a clear picture of the client’s expected staffing needs; then develop a plan to help recruit the right talent. Our staffing solutions are best suited to fill positions where work is continuous and the position will be needed for the foreseeable future.


Regular Appointment – Part-Time

Core Integra recruits and positions employees on a long-term basis, the most preferred and frequently used solution of Clients to hire a regular full or part-time employee. Positions are typically filled on a full-time basis, but clients do consider staffing a part-time employee.We ensure competitiveness through our luxuriant database and network reach, to discharge the principle of merit and apply processes to appraise knowledge, skills and abilities of eligible applicants, which percolates to achievement of Client’s desired goal.


Hiring Pools

Core Integra’s specialized team delivers tremendous numbers beyond industry standards. It’s the team’s dedication, diligence and perseverance to deliver exponential numbers that stand out to be their forte. With deep knowledge and network reach in relevant functions, Core Integra has a competitive edge in delivering to its Clients;

      • Hiring pools are typically standard jobs used across a company or companies within a conglomerate

Reduction in cost and resources.

      • Applicants in a pool will be fully qualified or assessed up to a certain point in the process

Reduce turnaround time. A timely hiring, transparent, merit-based process is followed.

Core Integra provides a significant advantage of using a hiring pool by ensuring qualified applicants are available quickly, duplication of effort is avoided and a rich source of candidates are available to fit the Clients’ need, offering better options of choice.


Succession Planning

Many clients’ business owners’ fall into a comfort zone once they have reliable managers in place. This false sense of security can leave client’s business with significant downtime considering should they lose a key member of their management team. Core Integra’s Succession planning allows clients to fully understand the duties and responsibilities of their management staff so enabling them to train internal candidates to be ready to step into a promotion immediately whenever they experience management turnover. We ensure experienced and productive human resources of the client remain in association with them by application of research-based solutions to understand the best fit successors.


Core Integra has delivery capabilities in Temp Staffing through 4 major Regional hubs and over 250 delivery centers, catering to the most remote locations of the country. A dedicated support team for clients along with customized processes of payroll and recruitment. All our solutions are designed according to the Clients’ business plans.