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Talent Acquisition

Core Integra’s domain expertise and technology edge in recruitment help clients to cut costs and access intellectual capital in the market more effectively. This makes Core Integra the compelling choice as the preferred partner for recruitment needs.

We understand issues involving capacity and resource planning, which help us understand the clients’ needs better and develop a unique approach in partnering and building a long-term relationship with our clients. We deliver recruitment services to the highest ethical standards.

Our recruitment services covers the following facets and features:

  • Identifying Candidates beyond job portals
  • Sourcing of Passive Candidates
  • Extensive Executive Search
  • Saves Time to Recruit
  • Sourcing most suitable & quality candidates
  • Multi-city Recruitment

To ensure that there is no conflict of interests and that we operate as professionally as possible, it’s our policy to never proactively identify or contact people within our own clients.

We offer recruitment solutions in the following formats:

Contingency Hiring

This is the most prevalent way of recruitment in which clients share their open positions with Core Integra and other service providers. We provide human capital for one-time and infrequent assignments to be deployed for specific projects.
Our unique search methodology separates us from others in the contingency recruiting space and ensures that our clients receive the focused insight and dedicated commitment to hiring success they deserve. We identify and evaluate prospective candidates who precisely meet the hiring criteria. We thoroughly vet and pre-qualify every candidate for consideration. Core Integra thus ensures the quickest and most comprehensive turnaround with relevant resumes so that the client can assess and shortlist.


Retained Search

Here Core Integra works exclusively for a specific requirement and payment is divided into two parts. We charge paid a fixed amount by the company for search activity. It is called a retainer fee, this method is preferred for recruitment of senior executives since a much-focused approach is required.This type of hiring process is required when it is critical to hire not just any qualified person, but the most qualified person available. A high degree of confidentiality in the recruitment process is assured. The consultant during in-person interviews conducts a thorough evaluation of each candidate’s suitability for, and interest in the position.Access to a broader and higher caliber of candidates – The clients are not limited to only those who are actively seeking new opportunities which are a significantly increased chance of finding the right candidate for the role.Among the key benefits of working on a retained search basis is that only suitable candidates, from both a professional and cultural perspective, are submitted for the role rather than candidates who are on a database and have had their CVs sent to many organizations. This process helps the client to get suitable ‘active’ candidates who have been proactively sourced from our own network, thus offering the client the choice of the best that is in the market.


Exclusive Requirements

This is when the clients share requirements exclusively with us to close the position within a specific date.This ensures we have the time to send you the best of the candidates available for the role.We arrange a suitable time, at the Clients’ convenience to visit them at their offices in order to take a complete brief, including qualifications, experience, level, responsibilities, salary. All the candidates, we present, will have been met by one of our consultants, so we’ll know their circumstances in detail. We guarantee that the shortlist will only consist of candidate’s that meet the criteria we have agreed upon.We use the knowledge gained from our stringent selection and vetting methods, detailed personal interviews and also interactions with applicants over many years of practice. When working in an exclusive arrangement, we are able to provide the very best of our professional opinion in all matters relevant to the project.Core Integra with the help of its network possesses enriched databases across functions, industries & managerial hierarchy, which often reduces Turnaround time (TAT) for clients and suffices the purpose.We exclusively manage your time most effectively whether it is briefing the consultant on the original job description, correspondence, telephone calls, providing feedback on CV’s, arranging and conducting interviews or giving feedback on interviewsWe will always give you an honest appraisal of how easy it will be for us to find you great candidates and, whether it would be beneficial for you to approach another recruitment agency in tandem with our search.


Executive Search

Executive search teams only focus on senior level i.e. CEO, CTO, CFO and similar kind of requirements. Core Integra’s follows method of sourcing for such positions is quite different from junior level requirements since the numbers of potential candidates are less

    Search process is consultative, research-oriented wherein the consultant spends the significant amount of time in researching about the prospective candidates who could fit in the role offered by the Client. An in-depth briefing document is written by the consultant covering the company, the role, the person etc. and hence the candidate contacted, knows that he/she has been sought out for a serious assignment. All relevant candidates are interviewed personally to the specific brief and in depth by the consultant. Interview notes are created adding the consultant’s personal view on fit and suitability, in addition to an up-to-date CV


For management roles or roles that are either challenging or difficult to place, sound knowledge of the space, the role and the culture together with a structured process and a proven track record of successful and on—time delivery are paramount. With access to candidates who are not on the open market and thus not actively pursued by other companies and likely to accept an alternative offer Core Integra attempts to deliver always at par with the expectations of our clients.