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Statutory Compliance

Our processes and methodologies are well tested and cover the needs of all Labour Law Compliances, Audits & Inspections through technology driven initiatives. Our clients interface with our proprietary compliance solutions software that features browser-based access; audit reporting tool; database of laws, notifications, and document templates; and helpdesk amongst others differentiates niche offering in this particular domain.

The following facets are available in Client’s customized software:

  • Acts – E-copies of the labour laws
  • Notifications –All recent amendments & notifications pertaining to Human Capital in Statutory Acts are available
  • DMS – Documentation database consists of the registration certificates, licenses, returns and other documents (relevant to a particular client)
  • Helpdesk – For any Support & queries
  • Compliance & Audit Reports – The audit reports in different formats are generated through this module which allows realizing percentage of compliances, non-compliances, etc.

Core Integra’s propositions in compliance services:

Branch Compliances

Geographical spread and variations in state laws pose a challenge in ensuring compliance starting from registration of an establishment/branch to handling inspections by Government Officials. Core Integra supports companies to obtain necessary exemptions for uninterrupted and hassle-free business operations. Clients stay updated on the amendments, namely PF, PT, ESIC, S&E Act, etc. in the legislation for appropriate timely decisions and actions. Our expertise in HR statutory compliance and pan-India presence enables us to offer a single window partnering platform for companies that have their establishments spread across several states.


Contractors’ Compliance

Our motto of providing hassle free environment in engaging contract workforce for Clients distinguishes our service offering. We thrive to provide security, ensure compliance and enhance productivity for our clients. We ensure focus on core activities and eliminate the need of dealing with multiple contractors.
We value add in the following:

  • Registration Certificate(RC) will be obtained( including applicable contractors)
  • License procurement for each applicable Contractor
  • Coordination of benefits under EPF, ESI, LWF and WC for CL
  • We maintain registers, records and returns contractor wise
  • Ensure minimum wages payment through effective process
  • EPF and ESI contribution through Principal Employer’s subcode/ Contractor’s code
  • Liaison with Factory, EPF and ESI authorities
  • Accident coordination support

We help clients identify data and information misreporting and reset the compliance baseline underpinning contractual relationships with business partners. Contractors’ Compliance Services help clients increase communication and understanding of contractual terms and obligations with their business partners, leading to improved reporting processes and partner relationships.


Audit & Due Diligence

We conduct comprehensive study of statutory compliances of Clients (employer) as per applicability of central / state specific labour laws governing to its trade and accordingly present labour law audit report with suggestions / recommendations to optimize the overall labour law compliances status. We as well undertake labour law due diligence concerning special purposes such as;

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Friendly takeovers
  • IPO raising
  • Joint Ventures/ Strategic Alliances &
  • Winding-up or closure of business/company/establishment.


Principal Employers’ Audit

The Client (Principal Employer) engages and outsources partial functions to contractors and which subsequently has an implicit responsibility to keep the contractors’ employees legally complied. We ensure statutory compliance status by adhering to CLRA and allied Acts.
We allow Clients to analyse their company’s business risks and protect them from getting into labour inspections and face hefty fines.


Contractors’ Audit

Engagement of contract labour is an age old practice. With the introduction of new economic policy, this has assumed even greater importance. Employers of various industries – from micro to large – do depend on contract workforce and as the principal employer; hence Core Integra takes utmost care when Clients’ engage contract workforce. Besides making the client compliant, we also ensure that the contractors engaged by them stay compliant. Legal formalities are adhered to, along with contractors’ being statutorily compliant is ensured.


Payroll Statutory Compliance

Any gap in payroll statutory compliance on wages or salary entitlements of employees, as well as non-compliances in statutory deductions, could land a company in trouble. The company may end up having a financial implication or a risk of prosecution or IR issues triggered. Even a small non-compliance could cause significant damage to the reputation of the company.Core Integra with its expertise, adequate skills sets, pan-India presence, has a well-defined process and with appropriate technological support for Payroll Statutory Compliance Services (PSCS). Our payroll service is experiential and automated eventually leading to precision and accuracy.


Registration & Licenses

We procure diverse types of Labour Law Registrations & Labour Law Licenses for our Clients, along with consultation for applicability in the their business domain and geographical area. We handle all documentation for Labour Law Registrations & obtaining Labour Law Licenses within reasonable time and remuneration.Core Integra specializes in procurement and assistance in following areas:

  • Registration under Employees Provident Fund & obtaining EPF Code No.
  • Registration under Employees State Insurance & obtaining ESI Code No.
  • Registration of Principal Employer under Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act.
  • Obtaining Labour License for Contractors / Sub-contractors.
  • Registration under Payment of Gratuity Act.
  • Registration under Shops & Establishments Act, wherever applicable.
  • Obtaining Trade Licenses from local bodies.
  • Registration / Enrollment under Professional Tax, wherever applicable.
  • Creation of Approved Gratuity Fund
  • Formation of Employees’ Provident Fund Trust (EPF Trust)


Factory Compliances

Core Integra assist clients to maintain a congenial IR climate apart from compliance and governance. We establish the required knowledge base and designs technology driven systems and processes for completion of clerical activities to ensure compliance on a routine basis, thus freeing the client to focus on development and IR climate. We safeguard Clients by undertaking statutory compliance related to new or existing establishment from registration of an establishment/branch to handling inspections by government officials. We also facilitate the client to obtain the necessary exemptions for uninterrupted and hassle-free operations. We apprise the client of any changes in the legislation for appropriate, timely decisions and actions to ensure complete compliance.


Support for start-up companies

We assist in all aspects of statutory compliance for start-up companies from obtaining PF, ESI code numbers to handling inspections by government officials. Maintaining the registers, records and filing returns along with due payments. We apprise the new incumbent of any changes in the legislation for appropriate and timely actions to ensure complete compliance.We undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Employment Law Advisory for start – up companies
  • Legal advice on salary structure
  • Registration under Shops & Establishment Act
  • Registration under the Provident Fund Act
  • Registration of Principal Employer when engaging a contractor
  • Filing Provident Fund returns on behalf of the company
  • Structuring of Model for HR department
  • Drafting company specific Employee Code Ethics
  • Drafting of employee handbook / manual

Labour law reforms are an ongoing and continuous process, the Government introduces new laws and amends the existing ones in response to the emerging needs of the dynamic economic environment. Therefore, we deliver modern and sustainable solutions, which is imperative in this dynamic environment.

We ensure Clients statuesque in the public domain is intact and magnifies by Liasoning proactively in crucial and expensive labour issues.