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 Increase your Organizational Efficiency With Core Integra’s Temporary Staffing Services 

Running a business throughout the way of success is not a simple matter rather it would be right to refer it as a challenging task. You have to take care of a hundred of issues if you want to run a successful business. From setting an exceptional business strategy to following the rules and regulations of your country regarding the business, you have to accomplish every task quite skillfully. And if you also got a headache to think of the number of tasks, Core Integra should be your ultimate destination where you will be able to find the answers to your every question. The facilities of the company can really prove to be fruitful for your company.

We understand the requirements if every businessman in the right way and provide the best service so that you can be free from any type of obstacles while running your business. In the long list of the services that our company provides you, a very significant as well as important service is the Temp Staffing Services. Sometimes the companies require more workforces to handle extra work pressure. There is nothing to say that it becomes quite challenging to find efficient employees within a short period. Now you will be able to appoint efficient temporary workers for your company quite easily by joining hands with us.

It goes without saying that finding efficient employees for a company is not easy at all. The employees of a company play a great role to establish the company as a successful one. Along with hiring temporary workers, our company also provides service for finding out permanent staff for your company. The best thing about our firm is that we follow an organized way to bring the best candidates to you. So whenever you contact us, you can be sure to get the best employees for your company.

Once you appoint the employees in your company, the task becomes a more difficult one. You must have proper knowledge on handling your workforce. No matter, whether you have sufficient workers in your company, you would not be able to get the desirable result if your workforce is managed in the right way. Your unique business policy can also prove to be futile without a proper management of the workforce. Core Integra is the firm that also helps you to solve the purpose. Besides getting the chance to hire the best candidates, our firm also acts actively to set unique strategies for the workforce management of your company.

These are the reasons for which Core Integra has proved itself to be as one of the best labor law compliance services provider companies in India. Having headquartered in Mumbai, our firm is running its business successfully in all over India. Right now, our firm is connected to more than 500 companies throughout India. Not only getting the best services, we also guarantee the best rate to our clients. Hence, it will be right to say that Core Integra is the platform where you get all solutions of your every problem at the cheapest charge.

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Core Integra – one of the famous Labor Law Compliance Services provider in India

The world of technology has opened a new era of business. Nowadays there is a huge opportunity to run a successful business, but the fact behind these possibilities is that you may have to be ready to face a number of complications while running your business. You must have to take care of hundreds of things while running your business. It will be not an exaggeration to say that managing this task sometimes seems impossible at times. That’s why the best thing that you can do is to contact the professional. When the question is to get the best service, Core Integra should be your first choice.

The word ‘success’ seems great, but the fact is that success will be unattainable to you without immense effort. We are the firm that is playing an active role to broaden the way of the success of a number of companies over decades. The companies that have joined hands with us are constantly running their business successfully. We provide our clients complete guidance so that they can get a solution to every problem. From appointing an employee to setting your business strategies, you will be able to find the answer to every question only to Core Integra.

The main reason for which our firm has established it to be a successful one is that we follow an organized way of providing service to our clients. That does why instead of having headquartered in Mumbai; we have got engaged in more than 500 companies in all over India. Our Labor Law Compliance System will be sure to meet your every requirement. The facilities that our services include ::

  • Registering statutory and maintain them properly
  • Paying and filing of returns
  • Audit and Due maintenance
  • Special strategies for start-up companies
  • Factory compliances and others

Services for Registration & Licenses

    Compliances under Factories Act, Shops and Establishment Act, Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Provident fund, Labor Welfare Fund, Professional Tax, Contract Labor Regulation Act (CLRA)

Hence, if you are aiming to start a new business or looking forward to running your business in an organized way, our firm deserves to be your ultimate destination.

The employees of a company take a big role to establish the base of the company, but the fact is that hiring efficient employees for your company is indeed a hectic job. Now, you will be able to find the task to be an easy one with us. From selecting the right candidates for your company to paying their
salaries at the right time, our company can help you to accomplish every task accurately with its Compliance Payroll. Whether you are hiring the first candidate in your company or the fortieth, following compliance matters a lot. The service encompasses the hiring and firing, bonuses and benefits, leave dates, salary and other topics about every individual of your company from the day when the employee is joining your company.

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Establishment in Compliance Services

HR compliance is an area that demands significant importance if you wish to achieve business success. Though the correlation between labor law compliance and business performance is not that tangible as that between the business and financial performance, still it is important. Hence, it will be wise to embrace the expertise of the HR law compliance consultants that can assist you to reach a 100% compliance level.

Labor law consultants know the inside-out of the ball game

The labor law consultants specialize in compliance and HR statutory. Hence, these experts have inside-out knowledge of the various aspects of the Compliance Payroll, Factory Compliance, and Contract Compliance Services. In addition, these experts can assist the non-compliant companies to achieve 100% compliance level. Understand, labor law compliance directly influences the employee engagement and attrition rate. Thus, if your business is stuck in lacunas in the area of HR statutory compliance, the consultants can assist you to overcome these pitfalls.

Labor law consultants serve as your friend, philosopher, and guide

The top-notch HR statutory consultants stand as friend-philosopher-guide of the organizations in areas of labor law compliance. These consultants will not only pinpoint on the lacunas but, they collaborate with you to find the solutions to overcome the troubles. The guidance and assistance of the consultants will enable you to address the lacuna of non-compliance in a hassle-free style. Most importantly, these experts can orient you with the proper compliance structure that will make the process streamlined and easy. Setting an adequate compliance framework is a point that is especially relevant to mention in this context. Not all the non-compliant businesses have intentionally got to that standing. Rather, it is the dearth of knowledge on labor laws and statutory that has made them non-compliant. As the labor law consultants set up an adequate compliance framework, automatically the company can achieve 100% compliance level.

You can get the chances to focus on your core business areas

Engaging the services of the labor law consultants, you can leave the perennial works in that regard to the shoulders of the consultants. This consultant will handle the entire scope of actions, related to the filing of returns, remittance of dues, and compliance documentation. These actions collectively take a major time and involve various hectic works. As companies focus on these areas, they hardly get the chance to focus on the strategic HR part. Thus, companies around the world are handling these responsibilities to the consultants to handle the entire needful. Doing so, the business owners as well as the core management team can get the time and the chance to focus on the core & key business areas.

Companies can reap manifold benefits of attaining 100% compliance with the labor laws like the Payroll Compliance. The easiest and hassle-free way to achieve this is to handhold an expert HR consultant. The expertise of the consultant will enable its clients to achieve the desired compliance level within a fair extent of time and putting the minimal effort. Better HR compliance will take your business closer to the business objective.

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Core Integra one of the Best Executive Search Company – Choosing a Quality One 

Executive search services enable the companies to headhunt the best talents for its key and executive positions. Hence, quality Executive Search Companies enjoys demand and popularity across the world. In the Indian perspectives, the top-notch companies rely on the expertise of the Core Integra in Executive search services. The paragraphs underneath will discuss the tricks; tips on selecting a reliable and trustworthy Executive Search India agency.

What are the industries that the agency caters to?

In order to select the best executive search agency, you need to consider the existing clienteles. You need to see the types of industries the agency is catering to. It will be wise to go to those agencies that serve the industry your business comes into. If the agency has already catered to the companies that come within the same industry as yours, it will have a clear conception about the industry, the job functions as well as the key skills desired in the ideal incumbent. It will enable the agency to headhunt the most suitable profile to match your requirements. The experience of the agency in catering similar businesses will enable it to complete the search functions within the minimal time. Core Integra cater to companies from various industries and hence, you can definitely rely on this executive search agency.

How long is the agency in business?

Longer experience brings maturity in the services of the service provider. With that said, you should always opt for the experienced executive search consultants. The experience of the consultant will enable it to handle the search process in flawless perfection. An experienced search agency will have an extensive network to source the best talents. Thus, going to the experienced executive search agencies, you can always expect to get superlative services. It will enable you to close the open position with the best talents and within the shortest turnaround time. This is one of the major factors that establish the worthiness of Core Integra as an executive search firm. This executive search consultant in into business for a significant span of time and hence, have the inside-out knowledge of executive search functions.

What the existing clients have to say about the agency?

Another important aspect that you should consider is the review on the services of the executive search firms. Reviews feature the experience of the consumers or the clients in terms of availing a product or a service. Positive reviews are the most realistic assessments on the worthiness of the service providers. Hence, if a service provider features positive review, you can definitely rely on the service provider.

Core Integra boast of highly positive reviews that prove that the services of this provider meet the satisfaction of the clients. This is the most practical evidence for the worthiness of this executive seraph agency. Hence, in instances of hiring an executive search firm, Core Integra is the first option that Indian companies consider. Putting delightful services, Core Integra justifies the trust and reliance that its clients hold on its name.

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Temporary Staffing Solutions – Your Guide to Rewarding Employment Opportunities

One of the most eminent HR consulting and contact staffing agencies in India, Core Integra offers 360 degree temporary staffing solutions to the top- notch organizations in the country. The expert temporary staffing services from this provider offer extensive benefits to its clients. It is especially relevant to state that the staffing services of Core Integra benefit the Indian workforce as well. This article will discuss as how temp staffing can offer rewarding career opportunities to the workforce.

Linking opportunities with resources

No matter the scale of business or the industry it serves, a business will never sustain without adequate manpower. On the other hand, with rising professional competition, getting a good job has turned a tough ballgame.Temp Staffing Services from Core Integra brings equilibrium between
these points. On one hand, it mobilizes the workforce and hence, companies get the supply of right talent at the right time. On the other hand, job seekers get the assistance to find out a rewarding career opportunity.

Extensive Training opportunities

As a professional Temp Staff Agency, Core Integra conducts various training for its workforce on a regular basis. These pieces of training are both for skill development as well as orientation and behavioral purposes. Undergoing these training, an individual can boost his/her trade skills as well as improve the interpersonal abilities. In addition, these training opportunities make a professional more employable and boost his/her career potentials.

Chances to work on various categories of projects

Core Integra also deals with project based staffing. This form of staffing is made for the accomplishments of specific projects. On completion of the project, the principal employer can release the entire workforce or can engage the workforce in a new project. Hence, Temp Staffing Solutions enable the firms to regulate the workforce with more flexibility.

On the side of the workers, as they deployed on different types of projects with one or different organizations, they get exposure to various domains of work. This is a gallant opportunity to develop competence on various expertise. This is an opportunity that a professional will hardly get in the routine jobs.

Safeguarding the interest and rights of the workers

As a professional staffing agency, Core Integra ensures to extend the benefit of the prevailing enactments and statutory to the workforce. Hence, their rights get safeguarded. Core Integra complies with enactments like minimum wages, PF, ESIC & workmen’s compensations, gratuity, and other applicable enactments that aim to protect the interest of the workers.

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Enhance your bussiness with HR Consulting Services – Core Integra

Core Integra Consulting Services Private Limited is a leading company in India, rendering human resource management and recruitment or staffing services.
Our organization is based on ethical values. We deliver cutting edge and fully satisfactory services to our clients, understanding their requirements,
challenges and opportunities with perfection. Human resource management, staff recruitment, business executive recruitment, compliance management, etc. are
some of our core services. To be specific and concise, Core Integra, a technology driven company, renders the following solution to clients:

  • Robust and meticulous HR management services, ensuring company’s optimal growth
  • Statuary compliance management services
  • Web based futuristic compliance management software
  • Temp staffing and talent acquisition services

Possessing years of experience, Core Integra is one of the fastest growing and most reliable service providers for HR staffing solutions. Possessing a terrific client retention report, we boast of being an aggregator of HR
services with a 140% CAGR in last 4 years.

Core Integra’s Core Services

As stated above, our core services are temp staffing, human resource management and customized statutory compliance solutions. In the following section,
have an insightful view at our services:

Compliance Management Services

Our compliance management services cover labor law compliances and audits through deployment of cutting edge technologies. We develop customized web based
software that features seamless audit reporting, document templates, database of updated laws, notifications, helpdesk, etc.

Our compliance management services include the following things:

  • Establishment compliance
  • Factory compliance
  • Payroll compliance
  • Contractor and contract labor audit
  • Crucial advisory services

We developed a custom based DMS system that renders 24×7 accessibility to e-copies that are documented in various forms of reports. Our web based software
caters cockpit view to the users so that overall compliance can be inspected or checked with precision. We give widespread reach catering to even tier-III
& IV cities. We boast of having a unique business model of delivering through the homogeneous partner network, including tier-II and tier-III cities.

Temp Staffing Services

We analyze and evaluate staffing requirements of clients, and ensure providing cost-effective and highly productive staffing solutions to the clients. Our
staffing solution is based on two levels. One is long term based staffing and another is project based staffing. It depends on the requirements and
available budget of the clients to evaluate the type of staffing that would suit them the best. Our temp staffing service features:

  • Meeting dynamic business requirements with flexible staffing services
  • Enhancing staff’s productivity – technology based HRMS services
  • PAN India based services – we have networks in 29 states and we deliver in more than 280 locations

Talent Acquisition

Along with proficient temp staffing services, we also hold experience to deliver executive staffing solutions to the clients. Hire the most talented,
experienced, and enthusiastic performers for your business with Core Integra. Talent acquisition service includes executive search, RPO solutions, campus
hiring, entry level hiring, bulk hiring, etc. Some of the highlighting features of our services are:

  • Multi city reach – over 280 locations in 29 Indian states
  • Using social platforms for connecting right candidates
  • Recruiting experienced team for handling projects that require specialized and critical approach
  • High end confidentiality – transparent and ethical services

Get in touch with us to know more about our services, processes and methodologies. We are always free to render useful consulting solutions to clients. For
offshore pan India HR solutions, we have been chosen by the leading and reputed firms.

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Core Integra Providers Solutions towards Better Future

Recruitment is the most important process for any business house. Recruitment of competent and professional personnel can take a business closer towards
its ultimate goals for profitability. On the other hand, poor recruitment brings casualties to a business. Not just production process, but growth, work
culture and many other aspects of a business can get damaged significantly. This recruitment is one of the most important things for any business house. It
is always profitable to outsource the recruitment process so that better recruitments can take place. For effective RPO solutions in India, find reputed and experienced service provider, like Core Integra.

Core Integra is a technology driven company, and it believes in serving clients with perfection. Hiring the right person for the right job is the most
important thing, and Core Integra’s RPO solutions assure that to the clients. Core Integra deploys latest technologies, methodologies and contemporary
ideas to make the recruitment process more accurate and satisfactory for the organizations. The key aim of recruitment is enhancing profitability by
streamlining productivity of a business. This is what Core Integra focuses upon. Having extensive knowledge and vast experience, Core Integra is competent
to render best recruitment solutions to its clients.

Reasons for Hiring Core Integra

If you are searching for executive search firms in India, Core Integra should be the best
bet for you. The company provides effective recruitment solutions, with strong expertise. Find the reasons for hiring Core Integra for recruitment process

  • Reliable Service Provider: Core Integra has earned the tag of reliability through its professional service and transparent business ethics. We provide
    end to end solutions for staffing recruitment. From permanent recruitment to temporary or project based recruitment – we provide all sorts of services
    with high end precision.
  • Leading Company for RPO: For recruitment process outsourcing, we stand as a veteran and leading service provider. Our aim is delivering seamless
    services to ensure high end productivity for clients.
  • Technology Driven: We are a technology driven company, and thus you can expect updated and technology oriented contemporary solutions. Being a
    technology driven, we can meet client expectations with the changing global needs for recruitments.
  • Flawless Labor Law Compliance: Labor law compliance is one of the most important parts of human resource management. Not just recruitment solutions, we
    help clients in labor law compliance with precision so that clients do not have to face any legal glitches. Facing legal glitches is considered as
    damage to the reputation as well as the brand name of a company.
  • Cost-effective Services: being an offshore recruitment service provider, we always try to stay budget-friendly for our clients. The outsourcing
    recruitment process is viable for many companies, as it is a budget-friendly for them. Our budget is always realistic and reasonable.

Being one of the best and leading executive search firms in India, we offer effective services to our clients. The goal of Core Integra is rendering
updated RPO services with accuracy and perfection. Having an excellent client retention report, Core Integra is growing fast to become the best and most
trusted recruitment firms of India.

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5 Great idea’s of payroll processing services that save your valuable time – Core Integra

There are two main options for businesses handling employee payments. One is to set up an internal department for payroll processing and relevantprocedures and the other is to outsource to a professional service. In India there are many top of the range HR services providing efficient payroll processing and related services. For startups, small to medium companies and those with limited accounting, payroll tax regulations and legal implication knowledge the likely best option is to choose a good payroll processing company.

Choosing a good service provider from staffing companies in India is not a complicated process. However, it is vital that you understand the nature of the tasks they provide, costs associated and your value returns before making the final decision. Some entrepreneurs prefer using a local payroll service while others use the services of a company with more national exposure and online payroll service accessibility. Before you decide to have an internal system or outsource your employee payments here are some valuable ideas about how payroll processing services can help you.

Rationalize a central overhead

Payroll management is a major overhead for any company. Whether you run a small or large operation you will be keen to control, an overhead as focal as staffing expenses and payroll processing. With payroll outsourcing you get valuable benefits of a comprehensive, cost assessment that covers time and money saving as well as providing your operation with greater transparency.

Boost time efficiency

Time is a critical aspect when evaluating internal payroll costs. Actual money saving is not the primary reason that influence many companies to make the switch from internal payroll processing to outsourcing. Time saving is a major benefit as it helps boost operation efficiency in measurable leaps.

Access to latest technology and solutions

Payroll processing companies keep their pulse on the best solutions, use latest technology and tools to provide a competitive service. This also eliminates the burden of a direct and considerable investment on continuous software updates in your operation. Thus, resources and time saved can be channeled towards fast tracking accomplishment of company goals.

Reduce legal risk

Staffing companies provide their services within an updated legal framework. With company legal risks safely protected by your HR services you don’t need to spend time wading through complicated legal paperwork or face unwanted tax penalties. Professional payroll processing services track all regulation changes, calculate payroll taxes and attend to timely tax report filing matters on your behalf.

Best deal in affordability

With payroll processing outsourcing becoming more and more common for companies overall cost associated with this practice has also come down significantly. Today, payroll outsourcing has become a more affordable method of narrowing the hassles of employee payment handling.

Coreintegra taking a leading role in staffing companies in India

The business world is fast paced and to stay on top of the game you need to pursue time and money saving resources. When you select Coreintegra for handling HR solutions and payroll processing you are ensured of an A-Z service from transferring and setting up employee payroll to running and maintaining the system in the most efficient and effective way.

With an omnipresent PAN India delivery Coreintegra is in a position to offer companies across the nation with a service generating significant cost savings and helping them to enhance core business objectives without any manpower constraints.

If you are searching for a payroll processing company with a top-of-the-line intuitive and technology driven system, dedicated customer service and full fledged service options, complete with unmatched pricing, contact Coreintegra today and give your company a head start in beating the competition.

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Advantages of Outsourcing Human Resource to Core Integra

As many companies expand beyond boundaries, they need partners that can manage employees and resources professionally in locations where they lack a direct presence. Many companies that are in the retail, sales and distribution industries have a workforce in PAN India, but they do not have their own humanresource department to manage staff. These companies can benefit from using the services of PAN India staffing companies.

The HR department is important in every organization. It is responsible for a wide range of functions such as overseeing tax filing, the payroll of workers and employee health administration. The human resource department also maintains records and files, oversees training and development, and deals with legal compliance.

For some companies, the broad nature of the HR functions is complicated and comprehensive to maintain. These companies can outsource HR functions to a firmthat offers HR services in India. By doing so, they will reap many benefits. One such company is Core Integra. It offers many HR services including permanent placement services, factory compliance services, contractor’s compliance services and bulk hiring in India.

One of the benefits you can gain by outsourcing human resources to Core Integra is reducing costs. Setting up an in house human resource department involves many back office expenses that do not generate revenue. With such a department, your business may send money on highly trained staff and additional office space. It may never recover these costs. It is therefore sensible to outsource human resource functions.

As a leading HR solutions company in India,Core Integra can also help your organization reduce risk. Employment regulations and labor laws change constantly and can be tough to keep up with them. As an employer, you may find that you are not complying with laws that affect the workplace. At Core Integra, we have trained professionals who keep up with workforce laws and ensure that the companies of our clients are free from danger. We can assist your company to comply with such laws and avoid costly lawsuits.

If you outsource your human resource functions, you can also manage employee performance and development more efficiently. Our outsourcing firm can place performance management plans into action to ensure that workers comply with your company’s practices and policies. This will ensure that your company meets its business goals. At Core Integra, we can also conduct an honest evaluation of your employees and report our findings to you.

In any business, it is essential to maintain an efficient and productive workplace. After you outsource HR functions, you can create greater efficiency within HR systems. Core Integra uses advanced HR technology to help organizations to streamline important HR functions such as benefit administration, compliance management and payroll. Once you outsource human resource functions like payroll processing to payroll processing companies in India, you will not spend too much time on paperwork. This can lead to increased efficiency and revenue. At Core Integra, we manage employees with care and maintain employee engagement at all levels. Our firm offers direct benefits to all managers and employers in PAN India.

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Core Integra – Best HR Solutions & Staffing Company In Mumbai, India

Human resources are an essential part of any company. The HR department is responsible for choosing, hiring and coordinating the workforce of a company. The workforce is the greatest asset in an organization. Unfortunately, the role of human resource managements is often undermined. This can happen due to lack of knowledge or lack of adequate resources. It can be helpful to outsource HR services to a company that provides HR services in India.

If you have a small or medium sized enterprise, you may not have sufficient resources to invest in a complete human resources department. The cost of adding such a team may be prohibitive. If this is the case, outsourcing HR services is a viable option. By outsourcing HR services, you will avoid overlooking your HR responsibilities and get HR services at an affordable price. For the best outcome, you should hire a reputable HR service provider like Core Integra.

Core Integra is a leading HR solutions company in India. We assist organizations to enrich their human resources function. We an assist your organization to hire the right employees and manage your human resources process well in order to maximize the value of your employees.

Core Integra also strives to build a long term relationship that is based on respect and mutual trust. We respect key moral principles, which include fairness, honesty, dignity, individual rights and diversity. By enlisting our services, you will reap the benefits of working with Pan India staffing companies. They include the following:

  • Looking for talent and hiring suitable candidates for all positions. If necessary, we can assist you to carry out bulk hiring in India.
  • Offering development and training programs to newly hired workers.
  • Holding several orientation programs to educate workers about relevant corporate behavior and assisting them to solve the problems they face in the workplace.
  • Offering various essential HR services such as payroll processing, human resource management, permanent placing servicesand consulting for a number of issues related to the human resource department.

The best part about using the services of HR solutions companies is that you can select the services you need and disregard the rest. For instance, if your only concern is payroll, you may hire payroll processing companies in India. Therefore, you can manage your human resources without going over your budget. Quality human resource management can help you avoid risks related to complying with employment laws and remove many hindrances that may keep your company from growing.

Outsourcing provides an organization with a good opportunity to gain the benefits of experts in the HR field. It also helps the managers of an organization to focus on their main responsibilities because the HR solution provider will focus on employee-employer relations. At Core Integra, we can assist you to manage your employees with great efficiency. This can help you achieve business success quickly and easily.

Our experts are competent and focus on the delivery of high quality HR solutions. With an in depth knowledge of the HR industry, we can assist your organization to get a better return on the investment you have made in your employees. We have offices in major cities in order to serve our clients in Pan India effectively.

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