When Recruitment goes social

By Prasanna Soparkar

Mr. Sandesh Chitnis, Chief Executive Officer -Talent Acquisition, Core Integra. writes an exclusive column for People Matters discussing new norms corporates are adopting to hire the best talent available.
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Corporate Presentation Video

By Prasanna Soparkar

Hiring right talent for Startups

By Prasanna Soparkar


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Hiring in startups hit a few roadblocks

By Prasanna Soparkar



Bringing more women into the workforce

By Prasanna Soparkar

Link: https://sheroes.in/articles/bringing-more-women-into-the-workforce/MTU4NQ==

Bringing More Women Into The Workforce19March

Career & Business Life’ segment-‘5 Ways to Deal with Bosses Who are adverse to Feedback’, Page no. 16

By Prasanna Soparkar


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Timesjob.com has published Prasanna’s views on their ‘Women’s Day Special’ segment on the topic of ‘Jobs women need to break through’

By Prasanna Soparkar

Link : http://content.timesjobs.com/womens-day-jobs-women-need-to-break-through/

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The Changing Recruitment Scenario – How Technology Is Optimizing It For The Startups And The Large Corporates-

By Prasanna Soparkar

Link : http://lifebeyondnumbers.com/optimizing-recruitment/


HiRING TRENDS & PROJECTIONS 2016 ‘RecruiteX’ by Timesjob.com

By Prasanna Soparkar

Link : http://content.timesjobs.com/docs/RecruiteXHYI2016.pdf